Shipping & Returns


Shipping & Returns


            7 TO 10 DAY SHIPPING     $17.99

            10 TO 14 DAY SHIPPING   $14.99


**PLEASE NOTE: While we always strive to ship your merchandise as soon as possible, it may take about 1 to 2 business days to process and ship out orders**   

  • No Refunds  •3 days only to exchange or return •Must meet return/exchange criteria 



*We appreciate your business and see all orders as unique.


*And so we strive to help you find the perfect match for your physique.


*Prior to making your return be sure to read Marisol’s policy


*Since the days you can to make returns or changes are limited to three.


*No refunds are provided only exchanges or store credit.


*There are requirements to meet, make sure that you’ve thoroughly read it.


*You may return or exchange your merchandise within three days of receipt,


*Below are the criteria that your items must first meet:


  • Returns/ Exchange Criteria-


*All items being returned or exchanged must be in original condition.


*NO: Stains, odors, damage, alterations, missing tags, or additions.


*All merchandise, once received, is processed for inspection,


*Please be sure to check your item(s) to avoid a delay or return rejection.


*If “signs of wear” on returned items are unfortunately found


*It is our policy to return the item(s) to you, we’ll turn it back around.


*Returns will not be accepted for



          1) Orders outside of the United States

           2) sale items

          3) accessories or

          4) items beyond the authorized dates

           5) Special orders are included too,


*Being that they were especially made for you.


*The term*Special order should be specified on your receipt,


*Be sure to be mindful of that before your order is complete.


          6) Purchases made with store credit are considered final sale.


*None of these items will be accepted if returned in person or by mail.


*Approved return times are determined by post marked date


*Be sure to view your postage label so that your package will not be considered late


  • Return ,Exchanges & Store Credit-


*Once you’ve met all of the criteria you may be eligible for a return.


*If you have any questions please feel free to call or e-mail us with your concern.


*After obtaining an authorization you can proceed to return or exchange


*Marisol’s offers 3 additional options and here is how they range:



          1)     Returns-


*An authorized return back to our stores grants you a credit toward a future purchase


*It can only be used with Marisol’s stores and not accepted through other merchants


          2) Exchanges-


*We offer a onetime exchange subject to merchandise availability


*We have many styles and options to increase your probability  


*Please don’t forget that exchanges are limited to one


*Once you’ve chosen your replacement you final sale is done


          3) Store Credit-


*Items purchased with store credit are final sale both online and in stores


*These items are not eligible for return or exchange, the item is forever yours.


*Store credit is available for in store and online


*And since it does not expire you can shop and take your time.


  • Restocking fee-


*All returns and exchanges are subject to a 10% restocking fee.


*This amount is deducted from your store credit to return the item back to our inventory. 


  • Shipping-


*The shipping cost for returning your item(s) to you is deducted from you total expense,

the charge for additional shipping is fourteen dollars and ninety nine cents ($14.99).

Shipping is nonrefundable and cannot be included as part of store credit.


*The cost for the delivery of the item must be charged for all receiving parties to get it. 


  • Return Authorization-


*How to obtain a return authorization:


*Contact Marisol’s by e-mail within the 3 day time frame


*For returns and for exchanges the process is still the same


*Inform us of what you’d like to do with your exchanged or returned item


*Also, a reason for change of heart, even if you didn’t like them


*A representative with contact you with feedback or further instruction


*Please be sure to read that we will apply the stated deduction